R& D + innovation

    A companyrequiresbusiness and process innovation and technology to remain competitive

    Electronic engineering

    Grupo Aucore has an R&D + Innovation Department that is highly qualified and experienced in the design of electronic products.

    Products such as Air Nova, a zoning air-conditioning system, and Nowleds, smart ED-based lighting solutions, are some of the products that saw the light at our R&D + Innovation Department and today they are internationally marketed by Grupo Aucore.

    Technological Innovation

    The R&D + Innovation Department ofGrupo Aucore has a defined objective when designing a product: Innovation.

    Within the context of an aggressive and complex global electronics market,technological innovation is a determining factor. In fact, technological innovation is deemed to be the most significant cause of change in the market share of vendors and the most frequent factor in the disappearance of consolidated market share positions.

    As a consequence of our innovative spirit, we became pioneer in the development of a non-polarised two-wire power bus for the installation of zoning air-conditioning systems. In the same way, we pioneered the use of infrared temperature reading and the design of LED-based lighting

    Usefulness and the search for simplicity

    The products designed by our R&D + Innovation Department have been designed with the ease of use and installation in mind.