Experience the quality of our work

    Industrial design, manufacturing, commercialisation and repair of electronic products; and services in logistics, recycling, call centre, storage, etc... ….

    What do we offer?

    Group Aucore offers its clients a comprehensive range of solutions within the aftersales service, providing the benefit of having all the requirements fulfilled with just one provider. Always working under the strictest quality standards, we can provide any possible solution in technology, logistics and eco-management services with all the relevant guarantees and reliability, at the same time as guaranteeing a highly competitive rate in any product category of our catalogue.
    Our years of expertise in the management of outsourcing services enables us to offer all services ranging from standard services for solutions which do not require a customised approach, to the detailed study of the client requirements at each time, thus obtaining results for projects that are fully customised and meet the specific requirements of any client.
    Additionally, our own R&D + Innovation Department enables us to take on new technology development projects in widely varied fields such as air-conditioning, telecommunication, creation of smart homes, etc.

    Our repair centres develop repair solutions for electronic equipment at all levels with the highest quality guaranteed.

    We develop full logistics processes and provide solutions for all your needs through services such as rework, repackaging, management of goods distribution, stock control, etc.